SlideWood zastřešení bazénů
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zastřešení bazénu

Designer roofing for swimming pools
hot tubes and swim spa

We are changing the way we look at pool covers
We design and implement designer swimming pool coverings.
In our unique offer, you will find variety of covering options and different materials
that will always respect the desire of the customer and add to the overall atmosphere of the garden.

We are pioneers of designer pool roofing on the Czech market
We have brought a completely new approach to pool covers design to the Czech market, which visually follows the character of the garden.
Because of this, they can blend in with the entire garden concept and underline its uniqueness.

Everything we create is tailored to our clients’ needs
For each order we emphasize the high quality of the materials used, precise execution, attractive appearance,
spatial possibilities of the garden, and at the same time we also pay attention to the ideas and requirements of our clients.

Design linked to efficiency
For more than 8 years we have been providing attractive sliding pool roofing which simultaneously serves as a terrace.
This allows the space to be used as efficiently as possible while at the same time nothing obstructs the view of the garden.


The pool roofing should not be distracting, at the same time it should not be too plane and ordinary.  It should complete the garden, be sophisticated and please the owners. With a wide range of designs and materials, there is truly something for everyone. For example, you can choose one large sliding part that would form a complete system with a terrace around the pool. There are also two or even four parts that slide into each other.

We have completed countless swimming pool roofing projects across the Czech Republic.

Why choose Slide Wood patio cover?

Slide Wood mobile patio covers are a purely Czech product and are a unique design cover for your swimming pools, hot tubs and Swim Spas. The design of Slide Wood terraces is completely different from traditional covers, it follows the character of the garden and becomes a terrace at the same time. The terraces are always designed and manufactured according to the customer's wishes, possibilities and requirements with maximum attention to the quality of materials, precise workmanship and attractive appearance.

  • maximum use of space in the garden
  • creation of a terrace that gives the possibility to use it for sitting with friends
  • large choice of materials - WPC patio boards, natural patio boards or artificial grass
  • total number of sliding segments according to the size of the pool
  • high durability, production in the Czech Republic
  • depending on the size of the pool, mechanical or electric drive for moving the cover
  • individual approach to the customer