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pool roofing methods

Types of pool roofing

We provide a pool coverings, swim spa and hot tubes, that are sophisticated, functional and overall enhance the garden.  With a wide range of designs and materials, there is truly something for everyone.

We produce a designer sliding pool covering that is not disturbing in any way and, on the contrary, beautifully underlines the atmosphere of the garden.

Slide Wood Pool Roofing

Getting a pool, pond, hot tub, swim spa or playground? Wondering how to use them throughout the year? We have a solution for you - a roof and a terrace in one.

Slide Wood pool roofing is a clever solution that allows you to make the most of the space above your pool in the form of a sloping terrace. 

We can cover anything, not just the pool

What's more, these sliding covers can be used quite universally, they don't just have to cover the pool, but also the filtration of the garden pond, hot tubs, swim spa, children's play area and other projects created for the underground part of the garden. The removal can be mechanical or electrically powered. This pool roofing is very practical, elegant for its unusual design and functionality.

Thanks to the sliding mechanism of the roofing, you get a terrace area where you can relax. You can use the terrace area as a walking surface for relaxing, sunbathing or for barbecues with friends.

Let's tell you the main advantages of the SLIDE WOOD sliding pool patio cover?

  • Provides maximum openness and access to the pool
  • protects the pool from bad weather
  • allows you to extend the pool season
  • reduces pool maintenance costs
  • provides protection from hazards, this is a great benefit if you have children or pets
  • the water maintains its temperature - it doesn't cool down during the night and doesn't overheat during the hot day
  • it is fully sloping and can be used as an additional terrace - place seating or sun loungers on it for sunbathing
  • the design cover is very attractive and brings a new look to the garden