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pool cover shift

Shifting of the pool cover

The coverings we supply are usually larger and have a corresponding weight.

You certainly don’t have to worry about not being able to move the pool roofing.

We also care deeply about the safety of children, and therefore, according to the requirements, the  pool roofing may include an arresting device to prevent spontaneous movement of the cover.
For pool owners who want to treat themselves to something extra, we provide a remote control cover.

Sliding system of Slide Wood Pool Roofing

Have you decided on Slide Wood roofing but not sure what cover offset to use? 

Of course, an important factor is:

  • the size of the cover
  • the number of segments, where we can choose from one, two or three segments.

If you choose to shift one larger segment, this is where the automatic shift with remote control is offered as a more convenient and practical option. The advantage of the automatic drive is that you do not have to move or shift anything. The remote control allows you to simply press a button and the pool cover will automatically slide out and back in within a few seconds. It can even be timed to open or close at intervals according to your preference. In addition, the electric motor control is safe even for children, thanks to a locking system that increases safety to the maximum. 

For smaller segments, mechanical displacement can be used, i.e. without an electric motor. The construction of the pool roofing is aluminium - it is lighter, will not rust, has a high durability and is suitable for aggressive environments.