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Roofing of whirlpools and Swim spa

Roofing of whirlpools and Swim spa

We manufacture our design roofing, for the recently very popular swim spa and hot tubs. We can hermetically seal the entire cover so that there is really minimal heat loss from the surface.

In the photo gallery below, you can see the finished realizations of swim spa and hot tub covers.

Do you like patio covers but don't have a pool?

These sliding covers can be used quite universally, they don't have to cover only the pool, but are perfect for covering hot tubs or swim spas. 

Patio sliding covers can perfectly cover our hot tubs or SPAs, they become "invisible" and allow the possibility of movement on the terrace.

  • one or two segments can be used to cover
  • hermetic closure, where there is really minimal heat loss
  • the retraction can be mechanical or electrically driven
  • the use is practical and functional
  • stands out in particular for its safety and long service life

Customers can have a full-size mobile terrace made to measure, which not only covers the pool, but also the whirlpools or swim spa. 

Thanks to its load capacity, it allows for additional use for other activities and relaxation. This allows full use of the garden all year round. Plus, they are simply perfect and beautiful in design!