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designové zastřešení bazénů

Slidewood custom line

-This is our top product line

Everything we create is tailored to our clients’ needs

For each order we emphasize the high quality of the materials used, precise execution, attractive appearance, spatial possibilities of the garden, and at the same time we also pay attention to the ideas and requirements of our clients.

We aim for an individual approach

Client satisfaction is our first priority.  This is why we personally go to the site for each project, manually measure everything and discuss our ideas with the customer in detail.

Client can choose the final roofing look.  From the screws used, through the selected material to the overall appearance. Before the complete roofing leaves our company, we thoroughly test it.  We assemble and complete the pool covering in our workshop, including the rails, and test the overall functionality. Only when we are sure that everything is in perfect order, we take the pool covering to the customer.


Slidedeck By yourself line

Our “SD by yourself” line of roofing is intended for handymen and DIYers or clients looking for a lower cost  and more affordable alternative to Slidewood designer roofing.

What makes this line unique is that you can assemble our roofing yourself.  We will send you complete construction with all components and detailed assembly instructions. All  instructions are very clear and assembly is not complicated. However, you have to take into consideration that the surface material is handeled by the client himself and so is the attachment of the construction of the cover (the same procedure as when a wooden terrace is being assembled ). This entire process is made possible by the uniqueness of our roofing construction system. The entire construction of the cover is based on a modular system, so there is no necessity to weld or glue any components. A  considerable number of our clients across Europe have already experienced this particular option, and as a result  we know that this whole process is absolutely transparent and not complicated in any way.

What the whole process looks like?

  1. Give us the dimensions of your pool and the directions in which the cover should be sliding to.
  2. We will calculate the exact price and tell you the requirements for construction readiness.
  3. If you agree with the price and are interested in ordering the roofing, we will send you a contract for the work.
  4. If the contract is signed, we will put the roofing into manufacturing and within 30 days you will receive the roof at your home ( based on the transportation availability )

If you are interested in this product variant, please fill out the inquiry form or contact us directly at this e-mail address: