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pool cover wooden patio boards

Natural wooden patio boards

A very popular, and at the same time the most frequently used material for our pool covers are the wooden patio boards.

Thanks to the variety of wood types, every pool owner can choose exactly the boards that are best suitable for him. There are more familiar types of wood to choose from, such as Czech or Siberian larch, but also exotic woods, for example Bangkirai, Massaranduba, IPE, Teak and others.

All patio boards are available in both smooth and grooved finishes and at this time we also recommend appropriate oil for the maintenance of each individual type of wood. This oil again is available in several shades.      

It really depends on each owner what kind of look they choose for their terrace or patio. Look below to check our variety of wooden patio boards.

Siberian larch

Siberian larch represents the middle ground. It is a quality material for an affordable price and it can be dyed with oil to the desired color.

sibiřský modřín pool cover sibiřský modřín pool cover sibiřský modřín pool cover


This quality exotic wood is also valued because it does not release pigment. It is resistant to rotting, decay and pests, which makes it an ideal material for patios.

garapa pool cover garapa pool cover -


Bangkirai wood is strong and very hard and is one of the most popular types of wood for patios.  If you decide not to treat the surface of the terrace, it will develop a beautiful gray patina over time.

bangkirai pool cover bangkirai pool cover bangkirai pool cover


The exotic Massaranduba wood is clearly a great choice.  It has a luxurious appearance, and in addition, it is a high-quality and durable material with an extremely long lifetime.

massaranduba pool cover massaranduba pool cover massaranduba pool cover


IPE is an exotic wood originating from Central and South America and is extremely popular for its exceptional hardness, durability and stability. Combined with its beautiful, predominantly chocolate brown color and an attractive pattern, IPE is an excellent choice for a pool patio.

IPE pool cover IPE pool cover IPE pool cover


Heat-treated pine material ThermoWood, which comes from Finland.  It is weatherproof and very resistant to rotting and decay, which guarantees a long durability for your patio.

ThermoWood pool cover ThermoWood pool cover ThermoWood pool cover